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Urban Academics has a full range of products to offer tapping into the three fundamental parts of life which is education, business and community. These areas are where the resource information and tools are established for the company’s clients. Both software and Internet-linked products are available.


Urban Academics has edutainment CD/DVDs available for all ages. Primarily for grades Pre-K-12 are 3D games in math, science, history which entertain as well as stimulate the natural curiosities in children using afro-centric themes. The company also has software dedicated to specific areas such as to blacks in science and black women contributors to history. An Ethnomatics sub-series to the Heritage Software collection of ancient and modern Africana mathematicians touching upon areas like fractals (transformative geometry and scaling) and the null set along with ... This CD/DVD is complete with graphics, charts, photos, prints, known formulas and patents is available for any household, public and or academic library.

For the Heritage Software CD series, Famous Musical Composers of color and their biographies, cited contributions in their musical genres, music samples, music education (example of their tutorials and instruction) and gifts to the world in a historical context are available for sale to the public as a single CD or purchased as a part of a series. For young adults through seniors, resources CD/DVDs cover important life-sustaining areas such as college prep informational pathfinders including scholarships and internships, personal finance and small business startup directives and primers. A resource CD for seniors who seek general information on wills trusts, estates and matters associated with disability, retirement savings and insurance sourced by existing government and legal experts.

Multimedia entertainment graphics are also offered in CD sets. These sets are complete with Kwanzaa Holiday inspired themes such as kente cloth and other afro-centric designs of bars, borders, lines, backgrounds, non-animated and animated characters and icons for web designers using the best graphic rendering and color resolution offered in the 21st century.

Software is an area where further development is ongoing by the Research Design and Development (RDD) team as well as the Software Designers writing code and script within the Technical Support Group (TSG) team.


Urban Academics has a website which has both subscriber and non-subscriber web access points. Subscribers have a choice to pay monthly or one-time only fees. Non-subscribers may have access through established partnerships or other pre-existing private organizational privileges. Website access is centralized. Patrons enter site associated with their subscription status. Subscribers are sent directly to a page which offers options in viewing format such as flat (standard), 2D or 3D virtual environment.

At this initial entry point other pertinent information associated with system requirements, best-viewed information, help, “how-to-use” icons and links to downloadable free viewers for the virtual spaces are present. The optimal high-end 3D settings place users within a virtual world to navigate in an Atrium-like setting with the use of previously chosen avatars (graphic representation of self). Visitors to these virtual environments who do not come in with their own avatar will automatically be assigned one as a default with options for changing to another whenever desired to do so. Chat can be enabled and done either in 2D or 3D.

The Atrium is place where the users/visitors gather either to peruse the Informational Quads or to socialize for the purposes of exchanging ideas and building partnerships. At least 10 simultaneous visitors can be viewed and chat with each other. Informational Quads are areas where all the information is grouped by general subject areas. Avatars (visitors) can make their selections either by touching or colliding into these areas represented as rotating spheres. These subject areas, appropriately labeled, such as Education, Business, History, Science, Math, Medicine, and Social Services (includes community resources) are the same materials used in other viewed options, but just navigated differently. Most are connected to space with hyperlinks to the same areas (websites, text-based documents) selected by clients who chose not to use the virtual spaces-3D.

The, Webmaster(s) and Tech Support Staff, a part of the TSG team, which oversees and monitors the behaviors and chat activity in 3D world. This would be a more educative place with more defined goals than other 3D sites which exist today like these 25 sites suggested by e-learning gurus.


African American products for all ages, including cd software programs, books, games and mouse pads. image

Heritage Software Collection
Retail Price: $19.95

Who was the first African-American to break the color barrier in baseball? What famous woman became the first Black to see the presidential nomination? Questions like these and more will quiz your mind and increase your knowledge of African American history. The Heritage software collection delves into African American impact in sports, science, american history, arts and entertainment. Play it as a game with friends, use it as an educational tool for children or just flip through the pages of the deluxe photo album. Whichever you choose, you will walk out away smarter.

Retail Price: $12.95

Ndunga! is a African-American multimedia "Hangman" game. Popular among all ages, Ndunga! tests an individual's knowledge of all things African-American, including history, geography, and anatomy. A must for entertainment and a proven knowledge and spelling builder.


PoP-Pop! Math
Retail Price: $19.95

This wonderful CD software program is a great way to introduce children (age 4 to 8 years) to the exciting world of interactive learning. Pop-Pop Math is based on the children's story "Hey, Pop-Pop" written by Derrick Gantt and illustrated by Katy Blander. The story book is available. Now available is Hey, Pop-Pop Clip Art! This Dynamic Educational Tool Features: Book on CD where children can read along in a page-by-page format -- Skill Building Games that are easy to understand Play realistic sound effects to encourage participation Animated characters that help children appreciate family relationships.



Urban Academics will feature a new personal gaming simulation for its users stay tuned for the future launch of our new service coming this summer.



Urban Academics will feature a new personal gaming simulation for its users stay tuned for the future launch of our new service coming this summer.

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